Free To Lead Seminar

FREE TO LEAD is a 5-hour interactive ministry seminar for church leaders and core members that will set them free from the baggage in their life and bring them to a place of peace, hope, and joy, so that they can be effective leaders and influencers in the local church. 


  • Pastors, board members, staff, ministry leaders, teachers, worship team, and core church members. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend.
  • Minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 participants.


  • Healthy churches are made up of spiritually and emotionally healthy people. The Free to Lead Seminar will help your people finally break free from the entanglements of the enemy that may have interfered with their leadership and bring them to a point of spiritual and emotional health. Many mature Christian leaders have commented that they were unaware of the baggage they were carrying until they went through this ministry seminar.
  • The participants from your church will have a new or refreshed desire to pray and minister powerfully to others in your church.


  • We most often hold our seminars in your local church on a Saturday, but we can also take two back-to-back weeknights from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. We can also do a Friday night – Saturday morning seminar.
  • MOTA Ministries provides all their own audio and video equipment, but can also tie into your church system.
  • MOTA Ministries travels with a team of 4 to 7 members, depending on the number of participants. These trained and experienced ministry people will be the ones ministering at the event


  • MOTA Ministries does not charge for this ministry. However, an offering in any amount is greatly appreciated.

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