Heart Healing Ministry Seminar

Thursday – Friday, May 5th and 6th 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. $49

Heart Healing Ministry Training: Saturday, May 7th 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. $49

NewLife Church – 503 3rd Ave South. – Fairfield, MT 59436

MOTA Ministries is partnering with Face To Face Ministries to bring Heart Healing ministry and training to Montana. This Heart Healing seminar is designed to help you connect with Jesus, receiving healing from emotional wounds and trauma, and uncovering lies that keep you from living out the truth of who you are in Christ. This ministry seminar is friendly, gentle, and is conducted by trained ministers who have a heart to help others overcome obstacles and strongholds in their lives. There is no agenda other than to help you connect with Jesus and allow Him to lead you into greater healing, freedom, and wholeness.

By attending this interactive ministry seminar, you will be equipped with proven and effective tools that will bring sustainable transformation, long-term emotional health, freedom from negative mindsets, and more joy through deeper intimacy with Jesus.

In addition to receiving ministry on Thursday and Friday evening, you will also have the option on Saturday to receive training to learn how to minister heart healing to others. In order to attend the training on Saturday, you must attend the seminar on Thursday and Friday evening.

More About The Immanuel Training For Heart Healing…

The Immanuel Approach is the foundational tool that Face to Face Ministries uses in heart healing ministry sessions. It was developed by board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Karl Lehman, M.D. and uses brain science, intentionally incorporating how the brain works to help people connect relationally, experientially, and interactively with Jesus. Connection with Jesus is foundational in this approach and it is Jesus who guides the heart healing ministry session.

The Immanuel Approach for Life and Emotional Healing is powerful and life-changing for those who experience it. It is also transferable and easily caught as it uses specific, simple tools. It will be of great benefit to you whether you pray with clients, pray with a friend, are part of a prayer ministry team in your church, or if you simply want deeper intimacy and a stronger connection with Jesus.

In this training, you will learn some of the brain science behind why it works, and learn how to develop a “safety net” of an interactive connection with Jesus through recalling a positive memory and stepping into appreciation and gratitude. This is an interactive training that allows you the opportunity to practice the tools as you learn them in small groups of 3.

Who is Foundations I for? Foundations I is for anyone who wants to have a deeper connection with Jesus. Although The Immanuel Approach is a set of tools to help others find freedom and healing, it is also a fantastic place to land for any Christian wanting to learn how to connect with Jesus. It is meant to be a lifestyle.